FUEL ECONOMY – How to maximise miles to the gallon

In simple terms, the faster you drive, the more fuel you will use. The Department of transport say that driving at 70 mph will use up to 9 percent more fuel than driving at 60 mph and up to 15 per cent more fuel than driving at 50 mph. Anything over 70 mph can consume up to 25 per cent more !

Good advice would therefore be to try to keep to speeds somewhere in the region of 55/56 mph where possible and of course within permitted speed limits. This is usually the speed that car manufacturers quote fuel consumption figures.

Fuel economy is also affected by other factors  for example, correct tyre pressures, carrying excess weight in the vehicle, roof racks, and of course driving technique.

Top Tips

Half a tank of fuel will save weight and help fuel economy.

Plan your routes, one long drive is more fuel efficient than several short trips. Engines run more efficiently when warm.

Maintenance and servicing – Regular servicing means clean oil and filters and this will help to improve fuel use.

Not too heavy on the gas !!  A gentle approach to acceleration is very important. Easing off the throttle to reduce speed rather than stamping on the brakes is a better more cost effective method of driving.

Switch off the air conditioning when not needed. Air con uses engine power and will increase fuel use.

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