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Keep your tyres in top condition. Make sure your tyres are SAFE and LEGAL

The correct set of tyres for your car or van will ensure better driving performance and safety.

We supply all major brands and sizes.

We offer a wide range of quality makes including Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental.

  • Budget tyres
  • Branded tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • All weather tyres

Have your tyre size ready

“205/55/16 97VXL” – We will help you to choose


You need to select the correct tyre size for your vehicle and inflate to the correct pressure to ensure:

  • Safety
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Value for money

Did you know?

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm

At 1.6mm, in wet conditions it can take an extra 8 metres to stop at 50 mph than at a tread depth of 3mm – Get them checked!

Tyres are the only point of contact with the road
  • Laser tracking
  • Wheel wobble
  • Car pulling to one side
  • Tyres wearing around the edges?
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